The MyIdealProtein Portal is Your Centralized Resource for All Things Ideal Protein

As you begin the Ideal Protein program, the key to dieter success is the development of daily habits which promote a positive lifestyle change. This is the only way to achieve and maintain a dieters weight loss goals. The MyIdealProtein portal has been designed with that sole purpose in mind. With a combination of daily coaching videos, cooking instructions, and much more, the MyIdealProtein portal is the perfect compliment to your clinic - dieter weekly coaching session.

What Your Dieters Will Get

DAILY COACHING VIDEOS - 100’s of daily coaching and support videos emailed to dieters each morning. Each video is branded with your clinic’s logo and signature. Dieters may access their videos from their personal library during the first 3 phases of the program.

ONLINE WEIGHT LOSS TOOLS - Multiple tools to enhance the dieter weight loss journey, education and motivation.

IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS - Dieters can stay in touch with your clinic, converse with other dieters and share their experiences from their community of Ideal Protein friends.

What Your Clinic Will Get

TRUST - The weight loss industry is competitive, as a result your dieters are constantly bombarded with something “better” by their friends and family. The services provided by the MyIdealProtein portal will take dieter support and education to the next level...and they’ll have you to thank for it.

LOYALTY - The MyIdealProtein portal is provided to your dieters with your clinic’s logo and signature, ensuring they perceive it as a services provided by your business. Clinics already using the program report dieters cheat less, stay on the program longer and refer more dieters.

SUPPORT AND TRAINING - Your coaches and staff will have access to their own MyIdealProtein portal where they can be trained about the program, stay up to date on new developments and interact with dieters in the community forums.


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