Q - What is the Approved Website Program?

A - Ideal Protein is offering each clinic a Approved Website valued at $3,000. These websites are being offered through the official technology partner of Ideal Protein - Ideal Technology.

Q - What is Ideal Technology?

A - Ideal Technology is the official technology partner of Ideal Protein. Our team has over 20 years of successful website development and search engine optimization experience. Our team also includes Google Adwords certified professionals, social media for business specialists and marketing experts.

Q - What kind of Website do I get with this program?

A - Each website will include a unique domain address, a professional email address associated with your domain, search engine optimization for local searches, free submission to the top 100 search engines around the world, free professionally developed marketing text for up to 5 pages, free system upgrades, customization of content for up to 8 pages, expert advice to help you get your website created as well as professional IT support during the life of the website. Click here to get started and request your Approved Website.

Q - Will all the websites look the same?

A - No. We have a number of templates for clinic owners to choose from. To choose your template you will follow these steps: Step 1: Login into your Ideal Protein Account through the Online System. Step 2: Click on the Website tab that is beneath the Ideal Protein logo. Step 3: Click on the Get Your Approved Website box. Step 4: Click on the View Templates box - There are 100+ templates to choose from. Click here to get started and request your Approved Website.

Q - Can the templates be modified?

A - Not at the moment. You are choosing it based on the color scheme and photos. The text in the templates is just filler and will be re-written by our marketing professionals. Customization can be requested at an additional fee. Please contact businessdevit@idealprotein.com for pricing.

Q - Will we be able to modify the templates in the future.

A - Yes you can however, there are over 4,000 Ideal Protein clinics in North America and more coming on board everyday. Once you have chosen your template you will need to stick with it until the initial round of websites have been completed. To put your clinic in the queue for modifications please email businessdevit@idealprotein.com

Q - Can we display media on the site?

A - You can have one of your custom pages be a media specific page to show YouTube videos or other media. These sites will be approved to display Ideal Protein media which is one of the many advantages that this site will give you.

Q - Can we have a blog on the site?

A - Currently a blog is not available but if you already have one on a different site we can link to it. We may have the service at a later date and will notify the clinics when it becomes available. In the meantime we are also offering Social Media Promotions. Promoting your clinic via Social Media platforms can be similar to blogging.

Q - Who provides the Ideal Protein content?

A - We will be providing all of the Ideal Protein pages and their content. All content is Search Engine Optimized and has already been approved by Ideal Protein corporate.

Q - What is Search Engine Optimization

A - Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process of getting a website ranked at the top of search engine results for specific keywords. Why is this important? Potential dieters are hunting the Internet for your services everyday. If the content of your website is not optimized to rank highly in search engine search results, it will be as though your website (and therefore your clinic) doesn’t exist. Rank high = potential dieters finding your website. Rank low = potential dieters finding your competitors website.

Q - I already have a website, my dieters find my website all the time and my website isn’t on the first page. This doesn’t sound so important to me.

A - Your dieters are returning customers. They know how to find your website and therefore, aren’t “searching” for your clinic’s services. Search engine optimization assists with attracting new, or unique visitors, to your website. These are potential dieters desperate to find your services, or those of your competitors. If they find your competitor’s website first...you will have just lost a new dieter.

Q - What if I already have a website I’m comfortable with? Can you help me attract more dieters using my current website?

A - Yes. We also offer Ideal Protein Clinics Website and Social Media Promotions packages. You do not need to be take part in the Approved Website Program to sign up for these packages. Promotional campaign results can be extremely rapid. A website promotions campaign can attract potential dieters to your website within minutes of being launched. Click here to find out more about our Promotional services.

Q - What are Ideal Technology’s Website Promotions?

A - Our website promotions program includes expert set-up and management of pay-per-click campaign(s) for each of your clinics. Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to bid on search terms. Allowing you to advertise your website directly to potential dieters based on terminology they are using to find your services. For example; the terms “diet” and “weight loss” are entered into the Google search engine over 41,000,000 times every month. Our website promotions experts will ensure your website appears in sponsored search results for these terms and hundreds of others, equally relevant to your services. Click here to get started.

Q - What are Ideal Technology’s Social Media Promotions?

A - Our social media experts will design and support multiple social networking campaigns for your clinic. Social media provides you with an opportunity to directly interact with your clients online. Your social media campaigns will allow you to; spread positive word of mouth, share exclusive information and offers to your dieters, provides the opportunity to listen to what others are saying about your clinic online, establish and grow a community friendly to your clinic, answer questions and provide support for your dieters, defuse misconceptions or untruths and much more. Click here to get started.

Q - If the website is free, why does it cost $240 per year?

A - The website design and development is free, saving you at least $3,000. Every website needs to be hosted on a server and that is the reason for the annual fee.

Q - What are hosting fees?

A - Hosting fees are what you pay a website hosting company to rent the Internet space for hosting your website.

Q - Your hosting fees seem expensive. What is included in the cost?

A - Our hosting fees are slightly more expensive because our websites will feature a content management system. Therefore, your hosting fees are directly tied to the benefits of having a content management website. These benefits include, but are not limited to; access to our 24/7 online support system, requests for changes to the website can be processed quickly, website improvements can be applied rapidly and without taking your site offline and much more.

Q - How does this differ from the Ideal Protein microsite?

A - Your Approved Website includes search engine optimization for local searches. This means your website’s “meta-tags” will feature key words that people generally use to find weight loss or dieting services. This will increase the likelihood of your website appearing in search results for terms like - weight loss program San Diego, or diet clinic Montreal. Additionally, your Approved Website includes a high quality look and feel made possible by our professional website developers and marketing experts. The microsite does not have any of these features. Additionally, those that enroll in the Approved Website Program are entitled to discounted fees on our Website and Social Media Promotions programs.

Q - My clinic’s business is very small. Do I really need a website?

A - Yes. If it makes financial sense for you, you should have a website...and this website is FREE! Remember, promoting your website can give you access to dieters you don’t even know are looking for your services. Your website is a tool that could significantly increase the business your Ideal Protein clinic is doing. Click here to get started and request your Approved Website.

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