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The philosophy of Ideal Protein has always been to approach weight loss as a vehicle to improving a dieters overall health and well-being. The pillars of our philosophy are well founded; medically developed weight loss, weekly coaching, an always expanding catalogue of savoury foods and ongoing support. Now Ideal Protein dieters will be able to enjoy an even more streamlined weight loss experience with 24/7 support, education and coaching at the MyIdealProtein Portal.

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Social Media Promotions

For many business owners the most difficult aspect of starting a social media campaign is finding the time to do it. The Ideal Technology social media team puts your business in the fast lane without having the headaches associated with starting social networking for your business.

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POS & Inventory System

One of the biggest challenges faced by Ideal Protein clinics is inventory control. Ideal Technology is now providing a web based point of sale and inventory support system to better control your inventory flow, costs and needs.

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What people say about our services.

Now proudly serving over 1100 clinics online!

Ideal technology is a huge factor in our clinics website success.

While I use the internet daily, I knew very little about building a website. Corey Oliver, Sarah Belanger and I am sure many others, behind the scenes worked with us every step of the way to build our clinic an amazing site that tells our story. I had a lot of questions, which were answered promptly, and in terms I could understand. They were very patient which helped a great deal as at times I could get frustrated with the technical information. When searched via google, we are usually found near the top of the lists. Which is most likely as important as the site itself.

I would not hesitate to refer other clinics to Ideal Technology and their team of professionals. The value they add to your clinic’s website far outweighs the cost.


~Rick Hebert

Charlie’s Diet and Nutrition, Peterborough, Ontario

Quickly I realized how important it was to use SEO services for my website. How Quickly? Well 15 minutes actually!!! That's how long it took for me to receive my first email request for information about Ideal Protein. Now being in an area that had less then 5 clinics in a 10 km radius is a factor. That was much quicker then I ever suspected. All that to say they never really stopped coming in. Regularly an email for information or to setup a consult was received through the website.

Other than word of mouth that was the only advertising I ever did. Well worth the cost in my mind.

~Aaron Cope

Just thought I would update you. We have had quite a bit of action from the website lately. About 80% of new contacts are telling me they either found us directly via the internet or know a friend who is on or has done Ideal and they google and find our location. Does recent info on hits, page looks etc. show an increase?

Whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it.

~Rick Hebert

Charlie’s Diet and Nutrition, Peterborough, Ontario

Last June when my Ideal Protein page first went up I couldn’t even find my own page. By July 1, with the help of Ideal Technology I moved not only into the number one spot, but occupied eight of the top ten spots and have stayed number one every month since. In July I had 214 “hits” on my site with twelve direct dieters as a result, in August, beer and burger season in Alberta, I had 119 hits with eight direct sign ups and September is off to a roaring start. For the first time Internet referrals outnumbers client referrals. The Internet referrals are now referring clients. The best part is that I did absolutely nothing except what Ideal Technology did for me. I am now working with Ideal Technology to further enhance my website and Social Media sites for even better results. Thank you Ideal Protein and Ideal Technology.


I am a new clinic and have recently started using the POS system. The system is excellent and very user friendly. For someone like myself who is not the computer expert, this program was easy, efficient and I love having it in my clinic. The POS system shows me exactly what I have in stock, when I need to re-order things and how much I have sold. It is a wonderful tool to add to your business and makes life much easier for you.


I just got my first call from someone who saw my website on the internet and is coming in for an appointment tomorrow!

Website promotions have paid for themselves this month!!

Thank you for all your help!!

~Sherri Balley

To Whom it May Concern:

I was wanting to write this to express my true gratitude to any of the people with Ideal Technology that I have had contact with. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the staff at the super weekend.

They were very nice. But I sincerely need to make sure that you all know how pleased and honoured I was to meet Sarah Belanger. She is the first person I have ever spoken to about my website. She has always been professional and pleasant. But most of all patient. The rest of the Ideal Technology team will learn how important that is with me when we start working together on my social media together. I am definitely not computer savvy.

I was wanting to write this because people usually write letters to complain. I am writing this to say thank you to Sarah and the rest of the team. I am so pleased with the service that I have received. Thank you for hiring such a great, pleasant, knowledgeable and patient staff. The customer service I have received was bar to none the best.

~Rachelle Randall

Ideal Journey Weightloss & Wellness, Saskatchewan

I would also like to thank your team at Ideal Technology for all of your assistance and support. It is well worth the investment! It gives us great peace of mind to know that we have experts handling our social media.

~Dr. Dave and Coach Cathy

Optimal Life Chiropractic

Thank you to everyone at Ideal Technology for their professionalism and knowledge.  Creating a custom website was easy and fast under the direction of Sarah, John and the rest of the support team.  Our clinic now dominates the entire first page of local searches due to their expert guidance.  This was the best decision we ever made!

~Dr Vaziri, Clinic Director, Californie

We love that our clients have a website that easily explains the Ideal Protein Program. As well I love that we can update our info easily and add info when we get it.  Also the administrators of our website are easy to deal with and answer any questions we have immediately.

~Dave Hurkens

Bowen Therapy

I received "12" new dieters alone from the website in July. IN JULY !!!! I added several other new ones from referrals, however, these 12 were directly from the website site! Thanks for all your patience and assistance - you are the greatest!


Working with Ideal Technology has been a very eye-opening and beneficial experience. I have learned so much about social media, Google ad words and website promotion from them. I was very skeptical at first but I've now seen the results of my webpage being bumped up the first page on google as well as ranking number one on Google places. Through Ideal Technology's assistance and what I have learned from them I have gained a very large online following and new people are following and finding me every day. I believe that part of my success this year is due in large part to working closely with Ideal Technology. Corey, Sarah and Kareen have all been very helpful and supportive throughout the way even when I was extremely frustrated. Thank you Ideal Technology for taking the guesswork out of online marketing and saving me valuable time that I can now spend working more closely with my clients!

~Trista Davis

Edmonton Ideal Weight Loss, Edmonton, Alberta

I would also like to thank your team at Ideal Technology for all of your assistance and support. It is well worth the investment! It gives us great peace of mind to know that we have experts handling our social media.

~Dr. Dave and Coach Cathy

Optimal Life Chiropractic

We absolutley love the Search Engine Optimizer Program you offered us a couple of month ago. We are getting new clients and more business from people who found us on the Internet!

They sign up because of the beautiful , professional website you created for us! It is user friendly and very welcoming. Thank you for all your help! We would not have been able to create this all our selves.

It looks so good and covers all the information that we wanted people to be able to see and access.

Many thanks from the team at

~Irene Huyskamp

No-Hassle Diet Center, Colombie-Britannique

As always, you are the take charge person who follows through and provides amazing customer service.  It's appreciated...thank you very much

~Bob Boston

Conseiller indépendant de développement régional pour «Ideal Protein»/Laboratoires C.O.P. Inc.

Loving the new POS system. It is very user-friendly and we will able to convert to this system in one day with the support we received from both Reggie and Will. Not only has it significantly reduced staff hours when placing new orders but also has cut down on errors as the system totals each clients' order for us. The reporting feature provides a real-time look at our sales and trends as well as a report to cross-check when we balance at the end of each day.


Our clinic was established in September 2011 and we went to our fist super-training weekend in March 2012. During this training we found out that Ideal Technologies had partnered with Ideal Protein. They were offering to build a website, create a Google AdWords campaign and maintain both. We had been involved with adwords previously and knew the power of internet marketing. The cost was a fraction of what we had been quoted locally. It was a no-brainer. We are currently coming up at the top in our local searches.

~The Balanced Life Clinic

Thank you for getting us out there our dieters are so moved by this and want their accomplishments shown around the world!


Congratulations to Ideal Technology! Extreme patience on the part of Kareen A. and training sessions with Brian helped transform us from technophobes to a team that can manage our social networking tasks like pros. Who would have believed it was possible?

Ideal Technology has created a format that is so user friendly, even the most reticent clinic owner can actively participate in their social networking. These days, it is not optional if you want to grow your business. Let them help you get started; you’ll be glad you did!

~Dr Burns

We absolutely love our new website, it is professional looking, user friendly and very welcoming. Thank you for all your help! We would not have been able to create our own website to look so good and to cover all the information that we wanted people to be able to see and access. Many thanks from the team at No-Hassle Diet Centre

~No-Hassle Diet Centre

I just wanted to let you know that Google called to verify my listing and there is GREAT NEWS!! I am number 4 on the first page when people search " Weight Loss in Edmonton" Thank you so much for your partnership in this! This is fantastic and I could not have done it without Ideal Technology!

~Trista Davis

Edmonton Ideal Weight Loss, Alberta

Of course, we know we should have an Ideal Protein website! So many benefits for us and our dieters. Greater exposure, new markets, efficiency in having the Ideal Technology staff construct and manage the site, awesome new services that will be available through the website. But oh, the agony, the anxiety at the thought of having to do one more thing! To have to do "techi" stuff when I am not a "computer person"!

We were so pleasantly surprised at the process of creating our Ideal Protein website. Easy instructions from the Ideal Technology staff with simple, manageable steps. Many beautiful templates with varying colors and themes to help personalize our site. The Ideal Technology staff were available whenever we needed them - by e-mail or phone. Not only available, but informative and very supportive, which helps a lot if you are not technology-savvy yourself.

Our clinic loved the concept of "custom pages" for our Ideal Protein website. We have eight pages of content we designed to personalize our site - to explain who we are and what we have to offer. We were provided helpful reminders when we were "dragging our feet". We never felt pushed or rushed, appreciating the opportunity to take enough time to develop our custom pages for our Ideal Protein site.

Don't let the opportunity to have the Ideal Technology staff help you design your Ideal Protein website pass you by! There are too many benefits available to you! Use the Ideal Protein website to professionally promote your clinic as well as to increase your efficiency in providing services to your dieters.

We are very satisfied Ideal Technology customers and encourage you to enhance your Ideal Protein practice with the website and related services offered.

Last comment - your "A-TEAM" video was so fun and informative. I think that the informal/fun nature of it does a lot to show that the technology staff are "real people" to whom we all can relate without fear! So many of us have been stressed trying to solve IT problems and cringe at the thought of having to ask for help from a "technology person". Seeing the video shows the Ideal Technology staff are very approachable - important to clinic owners/staff who do not feel "computer savvy".

The video also demonstrates that the Ideal Technology staff are an integral part of the Ideal Protein organization. That is reassuring - knowing that the staff understand the product and processes and will continue to be there for us. I think it would be helpful to have a link to this video - with viewing it being part of the promotion to encourage clinics to set up an Ideal Protein website/social media.

~Carol Drengenberg

Connecting With Wellness

Thanks, how fabulous that you’re on top of that.. My Dieter's love your videos. So glad I subscribed.

~Dr Lauro

Thank you so much for providing this seminar. It was very informative and seems easy to use. I am just getting familiar with everything and it is totally user friendly! I will definitely begin to post my information including my upcoming seminar.